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2010-03-10 G.Skill PIS DDR3 2300 CL8 won Editor's choice-Review on Tweak Town
You've got the perfect balance between performance and price when looking at this kit. Look at the fact that the heatsink design feels fantastic and it's just really hard to fault this kit.
2010-03-03 G.Skill ECO DDR3 1600 CL7 won Editor's choice & great value Award-Review on techPowerUp
G.Skill ECO 1600 MHz CL7-8-7 1.35V are perfect for those focusing on that last number and not being concerned with pushing it higher. But, at this price point, it may even be a great option for everyone else as well......
2010-03-03 G.Skill ECO DDR3 1600 CL8 won Gold Award-Review on overclockerstech.com
It’s not often that a company releases a gem such as this so before long you should expect to see other manufacturers jumping the gun and producing similar kits hopefully to just as a high standard as this.
2010-02-27 G.Skill PIS DDR3 2200 CL7-Review on Purepc.pl
Oba zestawy wydają się świetną propozycją dla overclockerów. F3-12800CL7T-6GBPI nie daje nam gwarantowanych rezultatów, ale po efektach naszych poczynań, nie mamy wątpliwości, że te kości potrafią wiele.
2010-02-24 G.Skill PIS DDR3 2200 CL7 won editor's choice-Review on overclock3d.net
Potential is a tough one to gauge. 2200MHz is definitely at the extreme edge of RAM performance...
2010-02-18 G.Skill PIS DDR3 2000 CL7-Review on pureoverclock.com
G.Skill has done an excellent job with these modules, showcasing sleek aesthetics, quality construction, and excellent performance.
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